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    Metaforum Deutschland – Workshops and Training Courses

    We organize and operate trainings and workshops and adress all who would like to enlarge their work through professional coaching skills, through using new methods in communications and the resolution of crises. Please choose our quick links for further details:

    Coaching Training
    Coaching Training
    Networking Events

    Our basic program Systemic Coaching Training is perfect to start with – to get a basic set of methods and tools to accompany people in all fields of their personal development.

    If you are already working as counsellor, coach or therapist you might like to expand your skills or get new ideas and learn other coaching practices. We offer additional trainings and further education, e.g. Business Coaching Training, and under the headline Coaching alternative we present new approaches in councelling and coaching.

    We give you a warm welcome and invite you to browse our website to find out about trainers, program, and ideas behind!